Ode to Ovulation

woman holding eggOvulation feels good because it switches on hormones.

As your ovaries get ready to release an egg every month, they pump out estrogen. Estrogen stimulates serotonin, which is why you’re more outgoing and energetic in the few days leading up to ovulation.

What happens just after ovulation is even more interesting. That’s when your ovary (one of them) releases bucket-loads of progesterone—your calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory hormone.  

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The Surprising Truth About PCOS (It’s Not an Ovarian Disease)

The Truth about PCOS

If your PCOS was diagnosed by ultrasound, it may not be an accurate diagnosis. The so-called ‘cysts’ have very little to do with your actual condition. And no, the cysts will not cause weight gain and infertility and heart disease.

But the word ovary appears in the very name of the condition polycystic ovarian disease. So it must be an ovarian disease? Right?  Wrong.

In truth, your ovaries are not to blame at all. With the right nutritional support, your ovaries can and will go back to doing exactly what they’re supposed to do.

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The Game-Changing Discovery of Ovarian Stem Cells

“The significance of this work is like reporting that we found microorganisms on Mars.”  ~ Dr Kutluk Oktay

New Harvard research has challenged the long-held belief that women have a finite number of eggs which ‘run out’. Scientists have discovered ovarian stem cells and say that viable young eggs may be able to be generated  from the ovaries of older women. This could revolutionize fertility treatment.

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