Endometriosis Is an Autoimmune Disease

endometriosis is autoimmuneA change is coming for endometriosis treatment. Until now, the clinical approach has been surgery followed by hormonal suppression with the hormonal birth control or other drugs. Going forward, the approach will shift to anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating treatments. That’s because there is growing evidence that endometriosis is not primarily a hormonal condition. It is autoimmune.

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The Inflammation From A1 Milk Is Mind-Boggling

A1 MilkFor some people, A1 milk (normal cow’s milk) is simply devastating to health.  We can wish for milk to be healthy because of its calcium and protein. We can hope that milk is better if it’s raw or organic.

We cannot get around the fact that the dairy protein A1 casein is highly inflammatory for some people. In susceptible individuals, A1 casein is cleaved to form a powerful inflammatory opiate called casomorphin.

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