Antibiotics: Disaster for Hormones

prescriptionAccording to a 2011 study in Nature, antibiotics disrupt the metabolic hormones leptin and ghrelin. That effect lasts for at least one year and results in significant weight gain. In another 2012 study, researchers found that British children exposed to antibiotics early in life are more likely to become overweight later in life.

Antibiotics promote thyroid disease, menstrual disorders, and estrogen dominance. Even a few courses of antibiotics can increase the risk of breast cancer by 150 percent.  

Antibiotics are a life-saving miracle, but they’re also not great for our hormonal system. Why? Because they disrupt our healthy gut bacteria.

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Build Better Bones by Avoiding These 7 Bone Saboteurs

Your bones are not inert calcium repositories. They are dynamic, living tissue, and they respond to a variety of health factors.

That’s why eating more calcium will not give you better bones. And that’s why the strategy for preventing osteoporosis goes way beyond calcium, and way beyond dairy. The strategy is to look at all of the hidden health factors that affect bone health.

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CoQ10: A Drop of ‘Life Essence’ for Fertility and Longevity

“CoQ10 turns back the clock on female fertility, and makes old eggs young again.”

Our ancestors believed that raw organ meats could transfer the life essence to our bodies to bring us health and fecundity. It sounds like something out of Clan of the Cave Bear, steeped in superstition and ritual.  But what if there was something real in it? What if fresh organ meat was a potent elixir of fertility and youth? How could we have  forgotten all about it? What does that say about our modern understanding of nutrition and diet? With our processed food and our factory-farmed meat…

What have we lost? And, more importantly: Can we regain it all with a pill?

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9 Ways to Make Your Brown Fat Work for You

Brown fat is not something that you eat. It’s a type of body fat that you want to have.   According to Harvard researcher Dr Kahn, brown fat promotes significant weight loss.

“The thing about brown fat is that it takes a very small amount to burn a lot of energy.” – Dr. C. Ronald Kahn

This special fat, which is found at the back of the neck and between the shoulders blades, is brown under the microscope because it has a high concentration of mitochondria, which are the furnaces of the cell. Mitochondria convert energy to heat, so having active brown fat is a great way to burn away calories. This process is thermogenesis (heat-generation).

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